Company History

Usinage Usi-Max was founded in 2000 by Normand Gendron. With his vast experience in the stainless steel industry where he worked for 20 years, Normand gradually transformed the company arogressed into specializing as an emergency repair shop. Emergency repair services are crucial for the productivity of companies that don't have in-house machining workshops in the event of a failure. Equipment flexibility, the large inventory of raw materials as well exemplary work organization has given his company all it required to provide the important service.


In 2009, Usinage Usi-Max expanded by acquiring equipment to work with sheet metal as development opportunities arose. This expansion also allowed for space to perform mechanical assembly and for the testing of equipment under development.


With the combined expertise of staff and management, Usinage Usi-Max can take on just about any challenge at competitive prices. The wide range of machining equipment and sheet metal allows the company to deliver exceptional results on a large assortment of mandates.


In an increasingly competitive field, Usinage Usi-Max joined forces with an engineering firm to provide an even wider range of services. As such, Galexy Innovation is now an official partner of the company which, on top of machining, can now provide equipment development services in 3D CAD. It is thus now possible for companies doing business with Usinage Usi-Max to obtain an evaluation of parts which repetitiously fail, or, to obtain 3D CAD designs of improved parts. Continually improving existing equipment or the development of new machines is now possible thanks to Usinage Usi-Max.



List of our services:

  • Troubleshooting at any time (24 hrs /24) et 7 days a week
  • Precision machining and turning
  • Tinplate cutting and bending
  • Complete welding services
  • Metrology
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Why choose us?

  • Usinage Usi-Max has an excellent reputation for the response time to requests
  • Superior machining quality
  • Our staff is highly skilled
  • We have an effective planning system
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Usinage Usi-Max works in conjunction with partners who add extra value to your projects.

  • Digital machining and cutting
  • Industrial design
  • Service de conception avec CAD 3D
  • Electrical and mechanical engineering services
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