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Can you afford to put all business on hold?

Imagine you are in the middle of manufacturing for one of your most important contracts in the history of your company. You've got a really tight deadline and not much room to maneuver. Everything is going great until one of your key machining equipment breaks. You are stuck - you can not fix or replace the equipment on time to deliver your order. What do you do?

How much Would It cost you if your shop stopped working for 12 hours? 24 hours? 2 days? A week!? Think about it ... can you afford it?

The above scenario happens. It is a business reality. That's why you need to plan for these kinds of situations. Proper maintenance and inspections are great ways to reduce the risks of equipment breakages. It is also good practice to have reliable business partners you can count on in emergency situations.

Fortunately, such a partner exists. Since 2000, Usinage Usi-Max has been offering reliable 24/7 emergency precision machining services to clients througout the Greater Montreal region. Their staff are competent and highly qualified to meet even the most demanding needs of industrial machining.

Be prepared for such an eventuality. Call Usinage Usi-Max today to find out more about emergency precision machining services in Montreal.




List of our services:

  • Troubleshooting at any time (24 hrs /24) et 7 days a week
  • Precision machining and turning
  • Tinplate cutting and bending
  • Complete welding services
  • Metrology
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Why choose us?

  • Usinage Usi-Max has an excellent reputation for the response time to requests
  • Superior machining quality
  • Our staff is highly skilled
  • We have an effective planning system
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Usinage Usi-Max works in conjunction with partners who add extra value to your projects.

  • Digital machining and cutting
  • Industrial design
  • Service de conception avec CAD 3D
  • Electrical and mechanical engineering services
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