Why choose us?

Our strength resides in our ability to provide you with prompt service for your emergencies. With our qualified machinists, we can respond to your needs at any time and therefore lower the cost associated with unanticipated problems.


We also provide you with machining services for all your scheduled jobs. Our expertise combined with our high-performance machine tools allow you to have quality parts at competitive costs.


The strength of our team is based on an integrated planning system that plays a determining role in minimizing production time. Our system equally reduces waiting delays for the materials to be machined while the production schedule allows for prompt service.

Here are some of our accomplishments

  • Pharmaceutical machines
  • Robot bases
  • Complex tinplate
    components (connectors, drains et peens)
  • Pharmaceutical filler components
  • Robot transfer tables
  • Robot cassette indexers
  • Mixers and worms
  • Various carts
  • Star wheels for fillers
  • Various cabinets
  • Specialized mobile trolleys


List of our services:

  • Troubleshooting at any time (24 hrs /24) et 7 days a week
  • Precision machining and turning
  • Tinplate cutting and bending
  • Complete welding services
  • Metrology
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Why choose us?

  • Usinage Usi-Max has an excellent reputation for the response time to requests
  • Superior machining quality
  • Our staff is highly skilled
  • We have an effective planning system
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Usinage Usi-Max works in conjunction with partners who add extra value to your projects.

  • Digital machining and cutting
  • Industrial design
  • Service de conception avec CAD 3D
  • Electrical and mechanical engineering services
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